How Much Do You Still Care?

It’s less than a week to Hull City’s first game of the season against…hang on, I don’t actually know this…Swansea.

The idea that I wouldn’t know who the first game of the season is against, even in my most-disconnected of City-following days would have been preposterous.

I know that we’ve signed a few players, but I couldn’t name one of them. One was a striker from Gillingham, right? I don’t think we’ve sold anyone yet (a ha ha ha, Ehab). We have a new manager, Grant McCann. I’m not sure that I’ve got his first name right, though.

My point has been made. I feel more disconnected from the club than ever. Living in London doesn’t help, but I’ve been away from Hull since the late 90’s. The two people I know down here that are City fans are not really interested in going any more either.

Attendances continue to drop at the KC. One does not imagine that attendances will be higher than what was a surprisingly entertaining 2018-19 season.

Oooh a few fans

I don’t think I am out of line in suggesting that I am not the only one who decreasing cares.

The reason behind my ever-increasing apathy doesn’t really need spelling out, and I’d suggest that I am not the only one for who the Allams have soured the enjoyment of following Hull City. The days of being angry are over – I’m just…whatever. Waiting. Waiting for brighter days.

The disconnect won’t be helped by the sad disappearance of Amber Nectar. In previous times when I lost interest, I still read every single article they published – and it was the prime way that I kept in touch. Whenever I felt myself drifting away, I’d have my weekly read that kept me in touch.

I’m not sure where to go for Hull City commentary any more. The Hull Daily Mail (or whatever it is called now) is a painful web experience even with the use of Adblock. Rick’s Hull City Live does occasional, excellent features – but far too occasional for it to be my crux to gain insight.

Is there anyone else? Am I missing something?

I’d like to suggest that I could fill a tiny portion of the hole that they have left, but I haven’t got the time and certainly not the insight – and only a fragment of the wit. Maybe I could expand this site to allow other contributors that actually go to games, should anyone be interested?

I certainly won’t be going to enough games, or even watching enough on dodgy links to be able to help.

I can offer the occasional splurge of thoughts and I will spend try to spend some time this week dissecting our transfers. I’ll probably go to a game or two – but only to accompany my parents when I’m visiting Hull.

Tell me I’m not the only one feeling like this.

2 responses to “How Much Do You Still Care?

  1. I believe if you broke any one of the Tiger Nation in half, we would black and Amber right through. We have been through some dire times in the 50+ years I’ve supported City. Born a stones throw away from Boothferry Park. Rumour has it the nurse used the floodlights to help with the birth. But never have times been as bad as thay are now.
    The current owners have sucked all life out of the club and the fans, like some giant atmosphere vacuum.
    I totally agree with your sentiments. I will be going to matches this season, but if I miss some. So what. I remember when I would have missed my own funeral to be at the game. But no more.
    Desperate for someone of the ilk of Adam Pearson to walk through the door and breath new life into the club.

  2. Sadly, mate, you are not alone. I too feel completely disconnected from the club. And like you, I’m past being angry. Just praying for the day of the sale that was promised in 24 hours several years ago…….
    I live in Hull and just cant believe how after almost 50 years of going to games, these days I just cant be arsed any more. Cheers Allams, you have succeeded where years of mediocrity didn’t ever put me off.

    And to think, it could have been all so different ……..

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