New Look Blog – Same Look City

So I might not get around to writing this blog much any more, about once a season, but I have managed to find time to completely rebuild it – because I enjoy that kind of stuff. Plus I don’t watch City enough to really form incredibly valid opinions – or at least I didn’t last … Continued

Clear Slates?

I should probably start by admitting how very wrong I got it last season. I tipped us for relegation. I thought the hangover from the disastrous previous season would be too great, McCann was clueless, the much shorter break the squad had compared to the rest of League One I thought would impact more as … Continued

New Season Expectations 2020/21

It’s safe to say that after the abysmal end to the 2019/20 season, with the most pitiful relegation of all the relegations I have endured in my life as a Hull City fan, that my expectations are not exactly that high this season. My pessimism has led me to both back Hull City to be … Continued

The Relegation Bet

Occasionally the pessimism that I hold towards my football club, Hull City AFC, bodes well for me. The day before we sold Bowen, I checked the odds of us being relegated. I didn’t believe that we would at the time, but when I saw odds of 250-1, I think we had around 37 points then … Continued

Ehab Allam and His Successful Pandemic Planning

Recent events have almost made the struggles of supporting a football club run by Ehab Allam seem rather frivolous. Yet the Allams still own us and the football season will start again at some point – be it this year or next year. At some point we might even have a 30%-full stadium again. This … Continued

The Football Season MUST Be Finished

I read with staggering levels of disgust that the non-league football season has been voided with results expunged, from the National League North/South and down. For sure, we are in an unprecedented situation and there are far greater concerns right now, however at some point in the future, hopefully during 2020, society will return to … Continued

Sack McCann?

I don’t often call for a manager to be sacked. I never called for Bruce to go. I never called for Brown to be sacked. I didn’t even want rid of Nigel Adkins when we were bottom of the Championship…though I came pretty close to losing patience. Looking through the list of our past managers, … Continued

The Consequences of Losing Transfer Deadline Day

I remember the heady days when Steve Bruce won Transfer Deadline Day. Quite what we won is another matter, but we can rejoice in winning it. However, it is pretty clear the impact of losing Transfer Deadline Day. I actually didn’t think we’d sell Bowen until the summer. The Allams had several previous windows where … Continued

Watching Non-League Football – Dulwich Hamlet

Before last 2019, I’d never been to a non-league football game. I’d been to plenty of Division 3 games when City were attempting to become a non-league club, but that was the closest. I was invited to go watch Dulwich Hamlet with some new hipster friends – for those that don’t know, Dulwich is an … Continued

QPR 1 – 2 Hull City AFC

It might have been weeks ago – hell, it was last decade, but I took some notes so I’m going to bash out a match report. Of sorts. And who the hell wants to read about the most recent game anyway? QPR away was my first away game since watching us confirm relegation from the … Continued