New Season Expectations 2020/21

It’s safe to say that after the abysmal end to the 2019/20 season, with the most pitiful relegation of all the relegations I have endured in my life as a Hull City fan, that my expectations are not exactly that high this season.

My pessimism has led me to both back Hull City to be relegated again at 16-1, and also to lose 2-0 today against Gillingham.

Yet there is even more uncertainty going into this season than any other.

The 6 month break

The main cause for uncertainty is how the difference between the relegated teams having had a 6 week break, and the rest of League One having had a 6 month break. By the way am I the only one who keeps clicking on Championship to find Hull City?

I think there are two arguments for how the season starts, that we perhaps have more match sharpness given that we haven’t had too long since the last game. Though also you could argue that our shorter preseason may leave us less prepared for the season ahead. Not that I am convinced that increasing the amount of pre-season preparations under Grant McCann would especially be of benefit.

I’m not really sure if our shorter break will benefit or hinder us at the start of the season.

I do worry that it will cause increased fatigue and injuries as the season goes on. However we start, I feel that us and the other relegated sides may well drop away towards the end of the season.

Of course, not every player of our current squad was a part of the relegated team of 2019/20. Loan signings could become even more important than ever, especially for the second part of the season.

Bankruptcy chances

Say what you like about the Allams and I fucking well love to. Financially we have a greater safety net than many other clubs in League One.

I’m wary of believing anything from Ehab Allam, however I think I read that they had to put in £3m during August to keep the club running. So they seem willing to at least keep us afloat.

Other clubs in League One may be rather envious of our financial stability and our relatively rich owners.

We do have a financial advantage over other clubs in the division, along with a higher wage bill, and even if we do struggle this season as my pessimism suggests, then there may well be a few clubs going into administration and therefore getting 10 point deductions.

Who have we signed

I don’t really know enough about our signings – I haven’t seen them play so am only going on glimpses of what I have read.

I’m hoping Smallwood will give us some really well needed bite in midfield, and have expectations that Doherty is a decent player.

I’m heartened that we have signed two right-backs, given our glaring mistake in letting Lichaj go before the end of last season…is there any end to the amount of serious mistakes that Ehab Allam can make?

Otherwise I don’t really know what to make of the season ahead. I am still in pessimism mode. This can easily switch to optimism, yet with many of the same squad as last season that hasn’t won a league game in 9 months, that offered the most pitiful relegation, some of the worst defending and most toothless attacking that I have seen as a Hull City fan, plus a manager that I feel is clueless, I am not yet ready to proffer on optimistic outlook.

I don’t know. Maybe we have the players for this level. Maybe this is Grant McCann’s level as manager. Maybe we’ll still sign a couple of really good players before the window shuts. Maybe.

If we start well, I’m not going to expect us to get promoted. If we start badly, I am going to expect us to get relegated.

Maybe I am overdoing the pessimism. But maybe we are still absolutely shite.

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  1. Yep, a shite team in a league full of shite. Well, I guess the best we can hope for is that we are less shite than the rest and get out at the first attempt. The performance at Fleetwood and against Peterborough still laid bare the same frailties from last season. We just cant match a side who came at us and mostly come off worse especially in defence. I blame the manager for his inability to gee up his side (and most of the team are his players now) to get at teams instead of meekly surrendering to the more streetwise tactics of rival teams. The Peterborough manager even announced what his side were going to do in the run up to Saturday. Did we see any different tactics, did we bollocks! Allam Out, McCant Out!

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