10 Reasons We Will Beat Arsenal This Time

So we have drawn Arsenal in the FA Cup again.

The difference being that this time, we will beat them.

Why?  I’ll give you 10 reasons:

1. They only scraped past Burnley 2-1, who we recently thrashed.
2. We arguably have a better team than we had in the FA Cup Final.
3. The spine of our team is ex-Tottenham – neither Livermore or Dawson played last time.
4. In the 4th round, they played a handful of first team players.
5. Hernandez was (ridiculously) linked with Arsenal – he has scored against them before and will want to impress.
6. Arsenal have a tough game against Leicester the Sunday before.  Almost a must-win if they are to win the title.
7. Arsenal could win the Premier League, unlike the last two seasons when it was unlikely.
8. Wenger does not NEED silverware to keep his job.
9. Arsenal play Barcelona in the Champions League, the following Tuesday.
10. I just believe it, OK?

7-1 looks a good bet to me.

I do grant you one slight problem, though.  I am assuming Steve Bruce will play a full strength team.  Erm…

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