A New Low

On a day when I should be writing about the first glimpse of
our exciting new signings, instead I find myself writing about a new low for
the football club I support.
For not far off a year, most fans have proudly sung “City Till
I Die” as a sign of our pride in our club and the name, and our vehement
objection against the ridiculous desire of our owner to change the name.  Clearly the loudest chant of every game, at
19:04, the one sung with most passion and most meaning, in what can be verging
on a library-atmosphere on some occasions.
Suddenly a load of money is splashed by our owner (money that the
club he owns have borrowed from a company he owns at 5% interest – hardly a
gift) and a section of the fans start booing those singing to keep our traditional name.
Absolutely disgraceful.  Shameful.
I am a member of CTWD (City Till We Die – the group that successful
and respectfully campaigned against the absurd name change).
I have always appreciated what Allam has done for our club,
however I am never afraid to point out what I believe is fundamentally wrong.
I also respect that others have different opinions.  As tempting as it is to label them all
plastic fans, I doubt that they are all plastics.  I am sure some of them don’t care about
anything other than seeing ‘Stevie G’ but others that don’t care what our name
is as long as we are successful, will be season-ticket holders, some will have
been going for decades, others will have been there in the dark times.
I don’t agree with booing in general.  Unless the performance of the team has been
absolutely heartlessly turgid, then the players shouldn’t be booed.  Even more categorically, fellow fans should
not be booed.  If you agree with the name
change then sing for Hull Tigers.  Sing
your love for Assem Allam.  Don’t boo the
one chant of the match that really espouses the passion of the club.
It isn’t CTWD or the fans in general that have brought up
the name change again.  It was our owner.
And finally his divide and conquer politics seem to be
If the fans are turning on each other, then maybe the
question is whether Allam is the problem? 
Should it be the name change we are against or our owner?
This could get very bitter.  It could be the start of something nasty.  If fans turn against fans, it will only be a matter of time before the players are affected.
And when Newcastle inevitably come calling for their Geordie son to come home when Pardew is finally sacked – will our best-ever manager want to be at a club with fans fighting amongst each other?

City Till I Die.

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