And So It Begins

The man should be a Hull City hero.  He should be up there with Harold Needler in terms of revered club owners.

But instead the businessman is at war with the council for
not giving him the stadium and a ton of land for free, and at war with the fans
for not voting Tory at the local elections to help revenge the David
Cameron-supporting Labour donor in his war. 
Or something like that.

And the fan’s patience has finally dissolved.

Though it isn’t the first murmuring of Allam Out as this slightly politically incorrect sticker from December 2013 shows:

Not all fans are Allam Out, and I do not think there should
be castigation towards those of different opinions.  We do need to stick together as fans.  It is likely that the more vocal tribes will
gradually be followed by the lesser-vocal tribes over time, as long as any
campaign doesn’t get personal towards those still in support of Allam.
I was not central to the Fish Out Dolan Out campaign, but it
ran my life back in 1997/98.  My whole
focus in life was getting rid of those running our club into the ground.  If you saw a Sack Dolan sticker between
Boothferry Park and County Road, there is a good chance it was my doing.  Every Friday during my Hull College IT class, I would
design and print a new Fish Out poster, and take it to his accountancy office
in the old town.  I was at every home
game and joined every chant.  I lay claim
to introducing the “Ooh Ahh Dolan Out” chant.  I plastered my bedroom with self-designed Fish Out posters.  I nearly got arrested by an off-duty policeman for covering up a town-centre traffic light with stickers.
1997/98 was hard work supporting Hull City, and rather on
the depressing side.  Although it was a lot of fun too.  If Allam wants to
know why fans are so against the name change and all his crap, he needs to
understand the psychology of those who went through that period as Hull City
Myself, I am a begrudging Allam Outer.
I would far rather he stopped behaving like a self-indulgent
arsehole, and stopped these petty wars.
But it doesn’t seem realistic.  Even if he backed down on the name change,
the Airco arena, the £200k ASI fund, it would take many months before trust was
regained.  I do not expect anything other
than continued provocation from the old man.
So I endorse the Allam Out campaign as a second best option –
the best option not being available.

If anyone wants the Royal County of Berkshire plastered with
Allam Out stickers, I am your man.

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