I’m not the only one with a significant case of apathy, am I?

Not only have I not watched any of the games so far, I also haven’t been that interested in the scores. Tuesday evening I reached my peak interest in the actual game, following #hcafc on Twitter, checking it every 10 minutes or so for a score update. But I was neither depressed upon Wolves’ goals, nor celebrating our goals. I just ummed to myself and got on with things.

Last Saturday I don’t recall even checking the score, though I was too busy surrounded by old men in stilettos and fat women in thongs to be interested in football. The Saturday before I chose to spend with a hot Spanish woman instead of watching the season opener. And I didn’t care that we lost.

Oh, we drew, didn’t we?

To be fair, there are lots of things both more interesting and fun than football – and more sexually fulfilling now Harry has gone (don’t tell me you didn’t have a mancrush on him). But to not care if my football team wins or loses?

I clearly am not the only with a significant case of apathy as the (alleged) attendance for the opening game of the season was just 14,882. The (alleged) lowest attendance during the last season that we were in the EF…Championship was 15,139.

As I haven’t watched any games, I cannot really comment on performances, but I do keep reading of half-arsed performances from Grosicky (possibly spelt wrong but I cannot be arsed to check), Henrikson and Clucas.

Ehab clearly cannot be fucked with the season either, but it isn’t as if you need me to allude any further on the mismanagement from the Moron of Melton.

When I realised how little I cared that we had lost last night, and how defeats would likely be helpful for the Allam Out campaign to crawl out of its own arsehole of apathy, I was a little taken aback.

Maybe my apathy will subside. Maybe I just need to watch a game or two to get into it.  Maybe a bunch of fantastic signings in the next week or so will re-invigorate my interest.

Or maybe Ehab needs to fuck off before I care about on-the-field matters.

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  1. I have also lost my enthusiasm for the team although I still follow every result. Havent been to a game in a couple of years now. Wish Ehab would fuck-off, im sure they are bleeding the club dry…

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