Bad News Masquerading As Good News

I read Amber Nectar’s Facebook post last night (We Are Still Hull City AFC) which initially seemed a slightly joyous revelation that the FA had announced that the original name change application had been rejected.

It soon sunk in that it meant that the original application was null and void and therefore the club could apply again to change their name.

On the FA’s website, it specifically says that the club can apply to change the name for the 2015/16 season.

I was never won over by Amber Nectar’s unusual club-related optimism that the name change was dead and buried.  I would now categorically put myself in the pessimistic camp.

The main surprise when it was rejected originally was that 35% of the FA council actually approved it.  I expected it to be almost unanimous.

I have grave concerns that when the club resubmits their application, that the application will not be so shoddy second time around, and will be well-prepared by well-paid legal and marketing teams.  Allam will pull out all the stops the second time around, from blackmail, bribery, rants and threats – we know his game.  Allam will not allow himself to be defeated by us hooligans.

I fear that the name change proposal will now be accepted by the FA.

I accept that have nothing but conjecture to base this on.

Time has come to prepare oneself to accept that my football club, Hull City AFC may no longer be in existence.

I cannot accept to support a bastardised marketing function invented by a bastard, impaled upon by a council of bastards.  Too many bastards.  John Major eat your heart out.  To make it clear, I will not support any football team masquerading as Hull Tigers.

But on the other side, I will not castigate those who choose to.  There are clearly those who don’t care what our name is, as long as they see Stevie G – there are also those who are against the name change but will still come and watch the club.

Also it would not be forever.  No player, no manager and no owner will last forever.  The bastard will not be the custodian of this club until the end of my life.  At some point, someone will want to take it over, and if the fan base has been depleted sufficiently they would likely offer to change the name back – if the FA, of course, would allow them.

The whole scenario has left me in the strange situation where I wonder if relegation would be the better option this summer.

I will miss reading Amber Nectar if the name change is approved.

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