Dare To Dream…Twice?

It’s been a while since I posted.

I wasn’t exactly secret last year in that I was quite happy to get relegated.  I wanted us to win more games, score more goals and there to be a happier feeling around the club, amongst other positives.

It seems I got my wish.

However not being in the Premiserable League means I do not get to watch us on a dodgy link every Saturday at 3pm, like I did last season, albeit with half of the games not on a Saturday at 3pm.

The only two televised games so far I was either in a nightclub, or exceptionally hungover from being in a nightclub.

So I’ve only seen us once, against Preston at home.  And hence I’ve had to rely on the ever-excellent Amber Nectar, and a host of other bloggers, to be able to assess how we are doing.

And if the Allams are behaving, with me not seeing games, there isn’t much I can add.  No point in blogging for the sake of it when I could spend that time eating a pie.

Though I do have tickets for Brentford on Tuesday.  Standing.  Yes…in a terrace.  Watching professional football stood up.  There was no way I could resist the opportunity.

But that isn’t the dream.  The dream is just how well the football is going.

Second in the league, behind only a rather excellent-looking Brighton.

And bemusingly into the quarter finals of the league cup.  Do you realise that the final is on 1st March?  I kind of hope that we are not in the final as I will still be on detox then.  I cannot imagine going to Wembley and not being at least semi-twatted.

But I’d settle for getting to the final.

The only draw I didn’t really fancy was Southampton away.  Man City away should be a doddle.  Well…we nearly beat them away in the Premier League.  Very, very nearly.  And the team isn’t much different…I cannot see them having their stars out in force.

50-1 to win the cup is a tempting bet.

Next up are two away games which we really should win, or at least get 4 points from, if we are going to continue our push for promotion.

I’m certainly not getting carried away with the idea of promotion, personally I don’t care for it, but to win as many games as possible is just simply quite enjoyable.

Though only two games ago Reading were second.  Now they are out of the play-offs.

I won’t be getting excited yet.

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