Dean Windass – Hero To Zero

Oh Deano.  What have you said?

One of the club legends, the revered Dean Windarse has come out with a gem today.

“It’s Hull City now, but will ‘opefully be Hull Tigers by February”.

Guess why he has come out with this?  Allam has offered him the prospect of a job as club ambassador.

I think we can see through this.  Allam has upped his war against the fans, firstly changing the name of the Facebook page and now instructing living-legend, Dean Windarse (I changed your name Deano, I hope you don’t mind) to campaign against the fans that revere him, in exchange for a “job”.

Allam doesn’t care for Deano.  All he cares about is his pathetic war.  Deano is just a pawn.

It is sad that our club legend doesn’t realise this, though one has to accept that it is better for him personally than selling nuts and bolts on commission.  Being a club legend doesn’t pay the electricity bill.

What is sadder though, is to find abuse online such as “I hope Dean Windass gets depressed again and commits suicide next time after saying he hopes it’s Hull Tigers by February”, that I found on Twitter.

I think a little perspective is required.  It is a real shame that Dean Windarse has debased his standing with many loyal fans with such comments.

But outright abuse towards the man who scored the wondergoal to fulfil our dream is totally unacceptable.

He is just a human being trying to make his way in the world like the rest of us.

I shall finish with a little reminder with Deano’s ambassadorial abilities.

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