Derby County 0 – 3 Hull City – View From A Sofa Down South

I awoke on Saturday with a hangover.  After just 4 beers.

Thankfully the players were seemingly not suffering a similar scenario.  I suspect one or two supporters may have been on Sunday.  I was still drunk on Sunday.

Enough about me.  Something about the game.  I was immensely pessimistic a few weeks ago about playing Derby, but something struck me in the couple of days before the game and I was feeling a kind of #typicalcity about it – I fancied either 1-1 or 1-0 to us, though decided against backing it as the odds were too short.

My dad backed 3-0 to City.  Albeit when we were 2-0 up.

We had a strong line-up for the game – the inclusion of Jak didn’t particularly concern me.

Despite the strong line-up, Derby started the better.  The difference in quality between their crossing from free-kicks and corners was substantial – they looked quite dangerous – our crossing was hopeful and often misdirected.

Things changed when Huddlestone’s role was seemingly changed to give him more of a forward-footing – I’ve never been a fan of having him in the quarter-back role as I feel he is much more useful when playing more advanced.  I do wonder if he has done enough to earn at least a one-year extension?

I’d just finished eating a fine chicken cattiore or something weirdly named from Italy, when something less weirdly named from Italy,  Hernandez, picked up the ball and rifled a shot into the corner from around 25 yards – their keeper should really have saved it but 1-0 it was and I jumped around the world’s smallest front room in delight.

Shortly after, Moses hit what seemed a bit of a hopeful shot, which unluckily ricocheted off their defender and in.  Not much Carson could do about it.  I opened a beer.  2-0.  Gosh.

Half time came without much more in the way of incident.  It was a positive first half with expansive football from both sides, a very watchable match albeit with only occasional flashes of goal scoring chances.  I even cleaned the kitchen at half-time such was my mood.

The second half was a lesson in game management.

We shut up shop most admirably.  Of course, had we let a goal in, there would have the usual Twitter shitstorm attacking Bruce for negativity, but it was the correct option.

Neither side especially looked like scoring for most of the second half.  Derby’s passing was often wayward, particularly with balls aimed towards the wings.  They looked bereft of ideas – and more importantly, belief.

Jak had a couple of wobbles – one mis-timed punch, and another diving save for a shot going well-wide.

My favourite non-goal moment of the match was the most ridiculous roll around the floor in pretend agony from Akpom – absolutely hilarious.

And then in the dying moments, Ince’s poor corner was cleared, Moses put through Robertson and you know the rest.  A really good keeper may have saved it but we were 3-0 up and my mood was changed so much for the better.  I even managed to finish the bottle of beer that I’d opened up 80 minutes prior.

Very, very difficult to pick a man of the match, but I thought Huddlestone’s change of position was absolutely key to turning the game around, so him and Steve Bruce get the most plaudits, but anyone bar Jak and the two central defenders have a good shout too – those 3 absent from inclusion as they simply didn’t have enough to do.

3-0 should be enough.  But we are Hull City and I expect us to do it the hard way.

So tonight I’m backing a 2-0 victory to Derby at odds of 18-1 with William Hill.

ps Thanks to whomever I stole the excellent photograph from off Twitter.

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