Do We Really Want To Win The Play-Off Final?

Yes, you read, do we really want to win the play-off final?

I’m not talking about questioning the effort and efficacy of the team as was appropriate in the months after January.  I’m not talking about my dislike for the plastic-fan endurance season of losing miserably as a “small club” that has accidentally stumbled its way into the Premiserable league.

I am talking about the future of the club.

Of course, the theory is that we’ll lose some of our best players, and probably one of our best ever managers, if we do not gain promotion tomorrow.  Not to mention the albatross hanging around the neck called debt.

But there is an argument that if we gain promotion tomorrow, this vindicates the Allams, this brings success to the Allams and may increase the chances of them wanting to stay.

Not only that, the influx of plastic fans could also mean that the membership scheme is a relative success.  Promotion could mean that the season ticket sacrifices that many are having to make, could all be in vain if they are mostly replaced by the plastic set.

If a significant section of the true out-and-out fans do boycott the KC next season, and the ground is half-empty, we all know that this will show the appalling and unfair membership scheme to be a failure.

But if the ground is reasonably full – some of the hardcore being replaced by the plastics and tourists, then Allam can claim victory.

I do appreciate that this is a slightly unorthodox way of looking ahead to one of the most important games ever, and without a doubt, come tomorrow, pride and glory will take over and there will not be a scrap of me come 10 beers later that will want us to lose the game.

Though if we do lose, then there will be a small slice of solace in the knowledge that those bastards didn’t win either.

I actually think we might lose tomorrow.  I don’t think it takes a clairvoyant to expect a tight game, with two excellent defences on a major occasion.  We’ve seen how Sheffield Wednesday are able to keep us out, and if they get an early goal, then I’d fancy them to hang onto it.  One of my two main bets will be 1-0 to Sheffield Wednesday, a fairly tight 8-1 with Paddypower are the best odds that I can find.

I do believe that we have the greater fitness levels, so the longer the game stays 0-0, the greater the chance I believe it is that we will win.  That said we will need to get past a very solid defence.  As such, I’m also going to back us to win on penalties.  I think we will have the nerves, we have a keeper in Jak that is a proven penalty saver.  9-1, also with Paddypower.

If he starts, then I might take the 40-1 on Michael Turner scoring first – in a kind of sod’s law way.  If he is on the bench, then as the last goalscorer.  Each are 40-1 with Sky Bet.

Paddypower are also offering 500-1 on us winning 10-0.  I shall place my bets before I start drinking.

Speaking of which, tomorrow I shall be getting to London for midday.  I’m strongly considering wearing my shorts, though there is a small chance of a thundery downpour during the afternoon.

First I intend on going to one of the best fish and chip restaurants outside of Hull – Poppies, in Camden.  I highly recommend it.  Then the options are either to get some cans and sit in Regent’s Park, or go find a weird goth pub with men in leather being dragged around on dog collars.

Whatever happens tomorrow, I intend on it being a fucking great day, and I wish all fellow Hull City AFC fans a fabulous and successful day out.

And despite the Allams being bastards, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Allam Senior success in his battle against ill health.

I even wish the Sheffield Wednesday fans well.  I won’t begrudge them if they do win – unless that twat with the short-legs wins it through diving.

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