Could Donald Trump Be To Blame For The Allams Not Selling Hull City AFC?

Apologies, slightly click-baity title but I do have a good theory.

You may have noted that there have not been any rumours recently about Chinese consortiums taking over our beloved football club.

Whilst the natural assumption would be to blame Ehab for not wanting to sell the club, maybe there are no potential buyers any more either.

One huge reason behind this might be because the Chinese government are trying to stop outflows of the yuan (Chinese currency).  Whilst it was previously semi-official policy that the Chinese government wanted rich Chinese to invest in European football clubs, it now seems to be Chinese policy to put a stop to investment deals – witness the problems that are plaguing the attempted takeover of AC Milan, and the struggle to get the currency out of the country to complete the deal.

I’m sure that you probably blamed the fuckwit running our club, like I did, for the reasons why the sale has not been completed.  But it seems that there is a far more important reason:

The Chinese government is clamping down on currency flight.  Can’t get yuan out of the country?  Can’t buy a football club.

Why might it want to stop currency outflows?

To try to stop the devaluation of the Chinese currency – the same devaluation that Donald Trump consistently rails against.  And since Donald Trump came to power, the USD has strengthened fairly significantly – making it more imperative for the Chinese government to stop outflows of yuan.

However it isn’t Donald Trump’s stated aim to strengthen the US Dollar.  It is, in fact, the opposite.  So whilst the strengthening of the USD has occurred under his watch, and is down to investors believing that Trump will cut taxes and spend more on infrastructure – it isn’t his policy – just a major side-effect of two of his main policies!

So there is a solid argument that Donald Trump is to blame for Hull City still being owned by the Allams (assuming they actually wanted to sell, of course).  Albeit perhaps inadvertently.

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