Hull City 0 – 2 Derby County – View From A Cheap Sofa In An Expensive Council Estate House

Did any of you take notice of my 2-0 to Derby County tip yesterday?

I hope so.  Guess which dickhead wrote about it and then forgot to place the bet?  Or at least I didn’t realise that he hadn’t done so until after the match…I started to have that sinking feeling as the match went on.  Thankfully I was only going to put a couple of quid on so I’ve only lost out on the equivalent of 10 beers in Hull or 6 in London.

That sinking feeling didn’t take long to, erm, sink in, last night, after the game kicked off.

I’d not long kicked my Leeds United supporting housemate off the TV controls, when a lack of defensive assurance allowed Derby to have a second bite and whack the ball in the net from close range.


Not entirely unexpected.  Why the hell would we do it the easy way?  If I wanted to support a great team that won every game and every trophy possible without hiccup then I’d be an Arsenal fan.

Fuck that.

I wasn’t especially concentrating on the game, as I was cooking up a little feast at the same time, however Derby seemed in control, their crossing was again far superior than ours and repeatedly looked dangerous when balls were whipped in quickly.

The blondishly ginger kid in midfield, Hughes, was particularly impressive and one wonders how much he would cost, should we achieve promotion.

It looked like they would score a second and they did, albeit by an own goal from Robertson.  I’d like to say he was unlucky, but it should have been dealt with without ending up in our net.  Credit to the Derby player that put the cross in.

Half-time arrived and my Leeds United supporting housemate popped back downstairs to say hello.

Unfortunately the second half started in a similar vein.  Derby looked dangerous.  We occasionally ventured forwards but we were being overrun in midfield.

It wasn’t until Meyler was brought on that the game changed.  I know Meyler has his imperfections, but weren’t we top when he lost his place in the team?  I’d have to check it and I don’t have time right now.

He steadied things, slowed the game down where necessary, broke up the play quite often.

Shortly after, it was clear that Derby had run out of gas.  It was then that the game swung in our direction, and if anyone was going to score the next goal, it would have been City.

The most credit should go to Meyler for changing the game.  And maybe Bruce, again, for making the vital change.

I was half-expecting the Allams to restrict Wembley tickets to those who had signed up to the membership scheme.  3 per season ticket holder does seem quite generous.  Of course, I have my glory-supporter ticket sorted out already.  I’ve actually been to 5 games this season.

So, Wembley for the 4th time in 8 years it is.  I’m not counting the England against San Marino game that I nearly fell asleep at (you cannot drink alcohol in the concourse at UEFA games…wtf?), nor the egg-chasing finals.

Yeah I live with a Leeds fan and also like rugby league.  Stab me now.  And if you are the twat on the pitch at the end confronting the Derby players – stab yourself.  Or at least sort yourself out – we all do dickheadish things at times, but this reflects negatively against all Hull City AFC fans.

If you are interested, I’m backing 4-2 tonight in the UEFA cup final.  I think it will be an open high-scoring game.  I’m actually backing both teams – Liverpool at 66-1 and Sevilla at 90-1, both with Paddy Power.  I would suggest that Sevilla have the better value overall and if you cannot pick between either team, then back Sevilla for the value.  And yes, this time I’ve actually placed the bets.

Thanks to @HullTransfers on Twitter whom I stole the photograph from.

3 responses to “Hull City 0 – 2 Derby County – View From A Cheap Sofa In An Expensive Council Estate House

  1. Congratulations on getting to Wembley. Good write up for an ull fan. couple of things….Hughes is a local lad and so we would be gutted if he ever did leave.

    Like you I hope the dickhead who confronted Keogh is named and shamed. Would point out that a lot of your fans offered hand shakes of commiseration to our manager. Your not all idiots.

  2. Thanks Coffee Guild. We all have our idiots, sadly.

    I wish you all the best for next season – you have a good club, good fans that created a very good atmosphere in both games. The Premiserable League will be yours one day.

  3. Extremely painful to watch, absolutely shattered today. Sheffield Wednesday will be hoping the same City turn up Wembley, Bruce will overcome I hope.

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