In Bruce We Trust

After the Man Utd game, in which Hull City put in a fairly abysmal performance, there was a thread started on my favoured message board, entitled – “Is it time for Steve Bruce to leave?”.

Quite possibly just an attention seeker – the thread’s enclosed poll gave a resounded support for Steve Bruce of over 90%.

Pointless attention seeking really needs to be called out.

Steve Bruce’s 2014 record isn’t great.  There have been few wins, we have thrown away our only ever European adventure and meekly capitulated in the league cup.  Not to mention several tactical errors and poor substitutions – which probably deserve their own thread.

We now find ourselves in a relegation spot.

However Steve Bruce is the only manager to have taken us into Europe.  The only manager to take us to a (proper) cup final.  The only manager to have us implausibly 2-0 in the FA Cup Final.  Only the second manager to take us into the Premier League and keep us up.

He has generally bought well – including this summer.  Hernandez sure was a risk and is still unproven but he needs to be up front with Jelavic.  Robertson is a fantastic signing and Diame looked a steal – hopefully recent poor form was due to injury.  The two loanees were risks that are not currently working – and can be sent back (one assumes).

Further to that he is honest.  What you see is what you get.  Speaking the truth, or at least one’s version of it, is very much a Hull trait.  Steve Bruce fits out club like a nob in a condom.

Perhaps not the best analogy.

It wasn’t long ago that some fans were expecting us to finish 12th – even in the top 10 – especially after an excellent battling performance away against Liverpool.

Since then we have played really good teams in Southampton, Tottenham, Man Utd and Everton – and the dreaded Burnley who we were less likely to beat than we are to beat Chelsea.

Sure West Brom at home really could have done to been a victory but I still have confidence that we will come good and Brucey will move us back up the table, especially with an ‘easier’ run of fixtures to come, once we get Chelsea away out of the way.  Which we will probably win in Typical City style.  Possibly.  You can get 18-1 on us winning.  13/2 on a draw.

Even if Bruce takes us down, as long as we go down fighting, then I will remain in support of him in the Championship as we have proof of his ability to win promotion.

One question remains to the doubters – who would replace him?  We are not a big club like Leeds United and would be unlikely to attract the likes of Hockaday.  Look what happened last time we sacked a manager that could have kept us up.

Be careful what you wish for.


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