Love it or not, Hull City AFC is a big part of my life.  At the moment there is a lot to love about it.
But it wasn’t always FA Cup finals, £50 Chelsea away tickets, half-and-half scarves and European adventures.
My first game was circa 1988 but I came of age
as a Hull City AFC fan between 1996 and 1998 when we were shit, when we
had been relegated to the bottom division, to which our manager at the
time, Terry Dolan, was rewarded with a contract
extension.  We played 6 men in defence hoofball.  It was awful.  The
club was being mismanaged at all levels – we could see the potential but
we were experiencing the destruction and I became incandescent with
adolescent rage.
Our club was being destroyed but we were not going to allow that to happen.
This period was when Hull City AFC became truly
ingrained into me, it was when I took my younger sister along
occasionally to indoctrinate her.  I paid £3 as a student to stand on the piss-smelling
terrace of the south stand of Boothferry Park shouting insults
for 90 minutes against our chairman and manager, watching Robert
Dewhurst side-hoof the ball into the clouds.
Given that I was just one of the 552 people at
our lowest-ever attended competitive game, I feel compelled to have a
blog about Hull City.  I may drop the AFC at times but please remember
that our name is Hull City AFC.
I am writing from a perspective of having
somewhat fallen out of love with football, living 200 miles away from my
club and again despising our owners, yet in awe of the best manager we
have ever had, along with the best squad, having been
to our first FA Cup Final and embarking upon our first ever European
campaign, albeit with a premature ending.
I only go to a few games a season but I watch
every game possible – Hull City is the one common passion between
myself, my sister, my mum and dad.
I am not aiming to bring a reverential knowledge
of the club – for that you should be reading Amber Nectar – by far the
most comprehensive and eloquent source of information, comment and history of this fine football club.
The goal of this blog is to offer a slightly irreverant opinion, one with tradition at heart but a deeply ingrained belief that we will eventually be playing Barcelona in European competition.
I will talk a bit about my history of supporting them, very occasional match reports from my glory-supporting moments and of course the odd rant about who is a moron.

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