Is Relegation A Bad Thing?

The game on Sunday was a perfect example of why the Premier
League is a depressing league to be in.
A first half where we showed our quality and determination
to put right the Burnley abomination – only to be undone by a poor refereeing
decision and two pieces of sublime quality from the excellent Eriksen.
I struggle to think of many games this season that I have
watched where watching Hull City has improved my mood.  Or the second half of last season, come to think of it.
A season of hope and increased expectation is flailing.  Our stars of 2013/14 are no longer shining
brightly.  Steve Bruce is making poor
substitutions in winning positions. 
Injuries, referees, late goals and lucky opposition are grinding us
Maybe we needed our expectations shoving back into
place.  Anything above 18th
remains an achievement for us.
We probably won’t get any points at Everton, Man Utd or
Chelsea – and typical City will probably play a part in defenestrating our only
chance of a win in the next four games at home against West Brom.  It isn’t impossible that we could be bottom
after these 4 games – something I pointed out when arguing for Crystal Palace
being a must-win game.
But do we really want to be in the Premier League?  A league packed with prima-doners,
over-sensationalised, over-priced, full of plastics and tourists and with
hardly a hoofball in sight?
I am not arguing for a return to the bottom division (the
blog name may give away that I attended far more games when we were shit).  Also I don’t think we will get relegated –
there are at least 3 worse teams than us – if not 5 or 6.
However events may conspire against us.  It could happen.  And what would the consequences be?  We would play more games, we would win more
games, there would be less plastic fans, no half and half scarves, no Stevie
fucking G.  No guaranteed defeats.  No £50 tickets.  No trying to market ourselves to China.
Personally, relegation does not bother me.  I’ll be a Hull City fan until I die or our name is changed.
I cannot just consider my preferences though.  There are plenty of fans for whom the Premier
League is a source of pride, a realisation of dreams, a chance to visit new
grounds and see the best players in the country – see some fantastic football.
Arguably even more importantly, I want Hull City AFC to be successful
for who is the best manager that we have had in the 25-30 years I have been
supporting my club.  Steve Bruce deserves
a relative amount of success.  As do many
of our players – especially but not exclusively those who achieved promotion
and were instrumental in keeping us up last year.  The likes of Brady, Chester, Davies, Jelavic
to name just a few – I want us to do well for them.
And of course, for Mr Allam – our most revered, sensible and generous owner with the plan to ensure we are a top 4 club within 5 years.
Only joking!  (ps Mr Allam, £200,000 will be enough to buy my support for the name change).
In conclusion – relegation doesn’t bother me.  I’d rather not get relegated but I’ll always
support Hull City AFC.

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