It’s All Our Fault

So there we have it from Mr Allam (sorry Assem but I changed your salutation, it should help my blog increase it’s worldwide exposure, I am sure you understand) – the fans of Hull City are to blame for the current situation.

The current situation being the name change and Allam’s continued threats to give away the club for free (apparently northern sarcasm), assumedly with the debt still outstanding to Allamhouse, his company.  Or perhaps sell it.  Within 24 hours.

And we now have it for definite – it is because of the falling out with the council, who to be fair are tosspots at best, because they didn’t give him the stadium for free.

To give you his quote in full – “The fans have themselves to blame. When the council (Hull City Council) came against me saying no to a project which would have made the club forever self-financed the fans did nothing. They left it to me to fight the case”.

What did you want the Hull City fans to do, Mr Allam?  Vote Tory to kick them out?  Seriously?

Other slightly disturbing news comes in that the East Riding council have given full support to Mr Allam (for those outside of Hull and geographically challenged – let’s face it, most people further away than Doncaster, don’t know where it is), East Riding is the area around Hull – the countryside, the nice parts, villages, towns – the place where people from Hull go when they have enough money.

This includes Melton.

Melton is a village 8 miles west of Hull city centre.  There is a quarry, and there used to be a chalk mine.  I went on a visit there as a child.  This was what the backwards education authority assumed was our future – to work in a mine.  I was interested in computers.  But no, lets go on an educational trip to a fucking chalk mine.  FFS.

Back on topic, it also is home to Allam Marine Generators.  And a few years back Allam threatened to move Hull City to Melton, because he couldn’t get his way with Hull City Council.  His slightly more sensible son, Ehab, said in 2011 that he is sure we will be at The Circle for another 5 years.

Uncertainty reigns supreme.  Especially with the £70 million debt.  Or is it £80m?  Or £90m?

Next time I will be talking about football.  I promise.  An actual game.  Unless he says something else dumb in the meantime.

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