Kamil Grosicki

There is so much wrong with the club at the moment, so many aspects that I could rant about, that I really am spoiled for choice.  Ehab’s latest video, the membership scheme, transfer policy, the performance last night, the team choice last night, the result…

I could also sit here and not bother doing anything – it isn’t exactly as if I am contracted to write a post every week and getting paid huge sums for the privilege.

However one person has particularly irked me this week.

Kamil Grosicki.

I recall his tweet on transfer deadline day with both amusement and consternation.  I wanted to think that it was in good humour that he tweeted ’45 minutes’, as if he was on a wind-up to the fans and his team-mates.

I also recall how proud he seemed to be playing for us when he joined last year.  There is no shortage of passion inside Mr Grosicki – and it is quite admirable how he allows his feelings to the fore – this is not a guarded superstar but almost a hormonal teenager in mentality – one moment excited, the next moment seemingly throwing a strop.

In his interview this week, he seems genuinely disappointed that he is still here.  Perhaps his agent has lied to him about Premier League clubs being interested in him.

Last night’s 5-0 defeat was a pinnacle of abjectivity from almost every player in the team.  The first time that I had had chance to watch us this season.  The lower quality football and large amount of mistakes was immediately evident – as was the overbearing lack of experience in the team (wonder why, Ehab?).

But one player stuck out for me, perhaps because I was trying to pay close attention to him given his recent comments, and that was Kamil Grosicki.  It is possible the statistics don’t bear me out, but he seemed utterly ineffectual last night – I recall one shot blazed high and wide, a badly off-target corner and quite a few poor crosses.  Granted at 4-0, my concentration was similar to our defence’s.

And at the end, he just sat on the bench, miserable as fuck – without any thought to go applaud the fans.

What were his thoughts?  ‘Oh how dreadful, we’ve lost 5-0’ or ‘Oh how dreadful, why am I still playing for Hull’?

Sorry, Kamil, but you’ve signed a 3-year contract with us.  This means that you play for Hull City AFC, no matter what division, until either your contract ends, or you are sold.

You agreed it.  You signed the fucking contract back in January – there was no clause saying that you would automatically be sold if we were relegated.

You haven’t been sold.  You are here until January at a minimum.  And if you think that the average Premier League club will want a player that sulks and has a clear attitude problem (along with your obvious talent) then you are living in cloud-cuckoo land.  Oh and in future, don’t believe everything an agent tells you.

I am not quite sure why I am writing this as if he is going to be reading.

See, I don’t mind players making mistakes.  I don’t mind crosses going astray, shots being missed, etc.  What I do mind is sulking, not respecting the club and not respecting the fans – the least that should have been done after the game was for him to walk over and thank the fans.

Everyone has bad days.  Everyone does things sometimes that are not ideal – maybe you forgot to thank your auntie for your birthday card, maybe you didn’t hold the door open for the old lady.  Shit happens.

It is a bit shit having a player with us that clearly doesn’t want to be playing for us.  It is even more a shame as he is probably the most talented player that we still have (thanks, Ehab).

Hopefully he will concentrate on playing good football from now on, and forget his disappointment about the lack of a transfer.  The only way he will get back into the Premier League, is through his performances.  And a thank you to the fans at the end of the game would be nice.

We pay your wages, buddy.

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