Keep On Protesting

I welcome the meeting last night offered by the Allams, and also thank HCST for their continued efforts in trying to bring a positive way forward – not just by attending this meeting but their repeated attempts at dialogue with the club.

Whilst the more vociferous protesters may have forced the Allam’s hand, if it wasn’t for the professional manner in which they have been attempting to open lines of communication with the club over the last year or so, there likely would not have been anyone representing those of us who feel truly disaffected.

Some fans seem disappointed with their statement, which you can read here, however it seems to me that without any formal agreement, which was probably unlikely at a first meeting, all they can really offer is a glimmer of hope – and keep expectations low.


I don’t trust the Allams in the slightest, and we have seen a variety of attempts from them over the last few years to stop or subdue the protests, without any of our very basic requests being fulfilled – and with the ultimate aim seeming to be to sow division within the fanbase.

Therefore there should be no cessation of protests, in my view, until we have not only some form of agreement but action.  As a great woman once said, now is not the time to go wobbly.  Oooh I can feel the socialists amongst you glaring at me!

I do think it is reasonable that the Allams have time to understand our concerns and our desires, and propose a solution to them.  I don’t expect for a second that it will be anything close to acceptable.

They want us to stop protesting.  That is easy to do.

I want them to start using our club name.  That is also easy to do.

Start treating the fans with respect, use our club’s full name everywhere it should be, return concessions without punishing others, stop the pathetic war with various council members – stop making decisions which anger your customers.

I’m not asking for Wolves-style investment in the team.  I’m not asking to play Brazilian style football.

I should also add that I do respect what they have done with the academy.

It isn’t difficult.  It isn’t costly.  In fact – if we can get the good feeling back at the club, attendances would go back up and more revenue would be generated.  When the Allams arrived, we had 20,000+ every game.  Going to the game was a joyful experience.

Treating the fans with respect would be beneficial to the Allams.

I don’t want to protest.  I don’t want to feel the pain and anger that I do.  But this situation isn’t my fault and it isn’t your fault.  The olive branch has to come from the Allams.  They have the solutions to stopping the animosity.

This is surely the last opportunity to fix the relationship between owner and fans – and the last opportunity to get everyone pulling in the same direction, so we can do our best to help the club avoid relegation.  The fans are willing, but are the owners?

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