Not A Selling Club

£10m for Jake Livermore was one thing.  A good player though £10m is probably around what he was worth.

£10m for Robert Snodgrass is a fucking joke.

Snodgrass is the heart and soul of the creative side of the team.  Granted only 3 assists, but 7 goals in the Premiserable League is a very good return for a midfielder.

His creativity, energy, guile and excellent free kicks have time and again given us a chance this season, and he has probably contributed more than anyone else to the fact that we are still in touch.

Robert Snodgrass of Hull City gees up the crowd during the EFL Cup match at the KCOM Stadium, Hull Picture by Russell Hart/Focus Images Ltd 07791 688 420 29/11/2016

Given that staying in the Premiserable League is worth something like £100m – I forget exactly how much, then surely we should be looking at £50m for him?

Not £10m.

£10m is dumb.  Really fucking dumb.  It’s like owning a mansion on Orchard Park and swapping it for a wrap of crystal meth.  Snodgrass is not replaceable (and no I do not believe for a second that we are actually trying to sign the Jamaican wonderkid we are linked to).

So far we have spent just short of £3m including the loan fee for Elabdellaoui (yes I did have to copy and paste it).  And are now about to receive another £10m.

Ehab is correct.  We are not a selling club.  We are a club that is being asset-stripped by it’s owner.

And what is Marco Silva’s role in this?  Why is he not putting his foot down and refusing the sale of Snodgrass?  Is he really fine with losing both Livermore and Snodgrass (not forgetting Mason).

Phelan’s signings were hardly a resounding success, but Silva’s are positively underwhelming so far.  And contrast shockingly with those stars that we have lost and are about to lose.

Robertson next?  Maguire?  Hernandez?  The British heart and soul is being ripped from our team (no I didn’t vote fucking UKIP).

I am fuming.  I really want to get in a car and go throw some eggs at Ehab’s house.  But I live 200 miles away.  And I do not have a car.  And I cannot drive.  And I’d prefer just to cook and omelette and sit here moaning about the bastard that runs our club.

And to Burnley too.

Oh for Steve Bruce.

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