Nothing To Moan About

So where on earth did Sunday’s victory come from?

At first we were somewhat comical, Clucas vastly exposed again followed by a daft penalty.  I laughed.  Because when things are that bad…

However we seemed to show some spirit.  Hernandez was the pick of the bunch until he was injured with some impressive pressing.  Though the second best team throughout the first half, that was only because we didn’t at all look like scoring.  I thought Southampton looked poor – they looked jaded and perhaps a little clueless.


Southampton don’t look like the same team they were in previous seasons, and I would not be surprised if they struggled throughout the season – this is a conclusion I came to before Sunday.

At half-time I thought that we might be able to nick a draw.  Honestly.  Check my tweets, no more Mexicans goddamit.

The obvious person to pick out would be Snodgrass – a well-taken goal and an excellent set-piece cross was the quality required to win the game.

But I was particularly impressed with Marshall, who pulled off several very good saves in the second half to keep us ahead.  After a such a run of goals conceded (few directly his fault), this will have done his confidence a lot of good, especially with a fair amount of criticism furrowed his way, and questions from the more moderate of punters.  Yes it was still unfair on Jak, who might have saved the penalty, yet the right decision to stick with Marshall.

Also impressive was Clucas.  OK, not challenged as much this week by a lacklustre side as Watford – we can only hope that future opposition managers are as inept in their investigations as to our weaknesses.  Apart from early on, I thought his defending and positioning was towards commendable, certainly much improved.  And his forays up front were some of our highlights – including setting up the first goal.

Kudos to Mike Phelan too with some excellent decisions on the substitutions.  Personally I would not have risked Snodgrass.  And that’s why I’m a blogger, not a football manager.

Of course, it is vital that we win our next game away at Sunderland.`

But until then there is absolutely nothing to moan about at our football club.  Absolutely nothing.  Even the Amber Nectar podcast, normally a treasure-chest of veritably venomous moaning was a happy-clappy wonderfest.

By the way, anyone know if Donald Trump has considered owning a football club?  Let’s make Hull City great again.

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