Pre-Season Buffoonery Version 2

“Lessons have been learnt”.

“We have never been a selling club under our ownership”.

Oh where to start?

We all knew upon relegation that there was next to no chance of keeping Marco Silva. Instead he has gone to the much-larger club, Watford FC, for one season. Relegation was entirely avoidable, and had we not sold our top-scorer for a derisory £10m, it may have been a very different outcome. Not to mention the ridiculously short-term nature of Silva’s contract.

We all knew upon relegation that Harry Maguire would soon be gone. But for £17m when the arguably slightly lesser-talented Michael Keane is worth £30m? And why had he been allowed to enter his last year of his contract? Why was he not offered a new contract when we achieved promotion? Why did he, and others, have their contracts automatically extended in such a disrespectful manner last December? Why did it seem that the club had forgotten?

Josh Tymon. The most promising prospect out of our youth set-up, possibly in my lifetime (albeit our youth setup has been rather abysmal until late). Why does he not want to stay with the club? Why was he not tied down to a professional contract when his promise was apparent?

Curtis Davies. £500k.

Tom Huddlestone. £2m.

Ahmed Elmohamedy. £500k.

Who on earth thought these were appropriate relegation release clauses? Who on earth thought that these were relevant values in wanktastic ‘modern football’? As an interesting side-note, Tom Huddlestone also mentioned the lack of contract offer that he was hoping for 3 weeks ago, and thanked everyone at the club on his way out. Apart from a certain someone.

Next up will be Jakupovic for some ridiculously low sum, given how much of a hero he was last season.

One assumes Robertson, Clucas and Rosicki will be out of the door this summer too.

And what have we received in return? A right-back on loan from Chelsea – welcome but 12 months too late. Oh and not forgetting an 18 year-old on a…1 year contract! A whole year! What happen if he performs well and scores some goals? Goodbye next summer.

Don’t worry, Mr Slutsky, you can be sure that new signings are just around the corner. Honest. Before we go to Portugal. Or something. Loads of good new players. Any day now.

Oh and what the hell is that ticketing sham for the friendly against FC Nantes? Why is our football club name not even on the ticket for the friendly? And why is a home friendly not being held at our stadium?

There is only one man to blame for this clusterfuck of buffoonery and it is not Simon Gray.

We all know that Ehab is running the club down, selling our assets, covering losses in Allam Marine so he can pay himself some nice dividends – but if it were not for his repeated mistakes in running the club on such a short-term basis, he could have trousered even more dosh.

The best outcome may be relegation this season. If there is a hope of promotion then the masses won’t get behind the necessary campaign to get rid of this clueless fuckwit running the club.

It’s a bit shit, isn’t it?

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