Protest Number One

I think that HCST have the balance about right when it comes to the protests.

Almost all of us share a desire for the Allams to sell the club as soon as possible but this could well be a long, drawn out battle.  Remember, they were going to sell it within 24 hours of the name change being rejected.

I want to believe that the Allams are trying to sell the club but they have spun so many lies in the past that I simply do not believe them.

This is why a steady, long campaign may be required.  There are tactics discussed such as walk-outs and sit-ins, along with the more militant tendency that would like to throw things on the pitch, or invade the pitch.

It shouldn’t need saying but anything such as the latter really has to be avoided.  On an individual basis, being arrested and banned from future games is crap.  On a collective basis, it would show an imprudent impatience to the media and the wider world.

We need to accept that whilst there is a chance that there may be a swift takeover, this could easily drag on for months, if not years, with all the usual Allam lies, bluster and spin.

Speaking of which, I see that the local rag has alleged that the alleged potential buyers may allegedly be at the game tomorrow.

Is this just another Allam lie to divide the fans and dampen the protests?  If they are intending on buying us, they may need to understand that we don’t take bullshit from moronic owners.

Whilst I would almost welcome anyone but the Allams, there are rumours that the brother of the pair, Dai Yongge, has had some interesting business activities in the past, though the websites with those allegations do seem to be of the conspiracy theory type so should be taken with a huge bucket of salt.

The sister of the pair seems to have an actual love of football, along with having British residency.  I note with interest that they own a football club in China, and guess what they did to it?

Yes.  They changed their name.

They do have wealth and it is legitimate, owning 30 shopping centres across China (granted I’m not sure how they got hold of the government-owned land to build them on).  But we should all bear in mind the lessons of previous owners – shit can be covered in glitter.

I dearly wish that I could be at the protests tomorrow, and the even the game, but instead I shall be watching it on my dodgy link whilst I pack boxes for an impending house move.  Given all the strife, the lack of players, the lack of a permanent manager and that we are playing the champions, and rarely win on Sky TV, it should be an easy victory for us.  #typicalcity.

Those in Hull – do us proud.

But keep the cod’s heads in the freezer for now.

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