Record Lowest Points Total – It’s Time To Dream

OK.  I accept that this is not everyone’s dream.  A few hardy souls still think Allam is our saviour and we can challenge Arsenal for the league.

I actually believe that we will somehow scrape 17th – after all, on the last two occasions that we went up, most people had us down as being relegated.  Granted this promotion has a similar feeling to when we were relegated to Division Four and Dolan had his contract extended.

But wouldn’t it be wonderfully shit, and perhaps more realistic, if we challenged Derby for the record lowest points total?

We would need to scrape just 10 points.

I feel that this is unlikely – not only do we have spirit in the team and still a handful of half-decent players, but the Premiserable League is actually much more competitive than it was when Derby recorded the record that still stands today.

You wouldn’t totally put it past us beating Leicester on Saturday.  Likewise, it is not implausible that we would beat one of the big boys, let alone some of the lesser teams.

Also, although I believe that the Allams have consistently had no intention of selling the club, there remains a small chance that they could sell it, allowing a manager to take control and a few signings to be made.

But if we are going to be shit then we should be stylishly shit.  Record-breakingly shit.

Some of the best times supporting City have come when during spells of turgidity.  I recall that run around 10 years ago when we simply could not win an away game.  At home we were pretty decent but away we didn’t win for something like 18 away games.  And then we beat, aaaarrrgggh memory issues…was it Reading away?  Maybe Watford away?  And we had the opportunity to sing “You must be shit, we are winning away”.

That glory in abject shiteness is something to be admired about Hull City AFC fans.  Hull humour is somewhat self-defecating and finishing on less than 11 points, creating our own very miserable Premiserable League record would be a joy to behold in an utterly shite way.

And 80-1 with Ladbrokes is far too tempting for me to leave alone.  There is some value in those odds.

If you are tempted by the bet, it is a little tricky to find.  Go to Ladbrokes, click A-Z Sports in the top left corner, then click #WhatAreTheOdds, then click the grey bar button Future #WhatAreTheOdds, then Hull City Specials.

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