Sack McCann?

I don’t often call for a manager to be sacked.

I never called for Bruce to go. I never called for Brown to be sacked. I didn’t even want rid of Nigel Adkins when we were bottom of the Championship…though I came pretty close to losing patience.

Looking through the list of our past managers, it was possibly Mark Hateley that I last called to be sacked, though I don’t claim a perfect memory…someone will probably go through my tweets now and find that I’ve called for the sacking of every manager!

Photo stolen from Hull Daily Mail – they copy and paste lots of stuff so I’m sure it is fine.

Since day one, I’ve never had any confidence or belief in Grant McCann – a bit like the guy at work in the daily meeting that waffles on about what he has been doing, yet doesn’t actually get anything done. I don’t even know if he talks a good game, he talks – but I switch off. And that applies to both McCann and the guy at work – yet I always want to give them a chance.

I’m not sure how much involvement McCann has in our transfer policy, though as he has worked with Wilks and Maddison (Tafazolli too?), I’d suggest at least a fair amount of involvement. I’d suggest Wilks and Maddison have some potential, but how many of the other players we have signed do you think have the potential to become quality Championship players? Eaves? Honeyman? Magennis? Hmmm.

Ehab’s preferred formation and playing style worked when we had a great attacking threat. We no longer have that threat. Yet there doesn’t seem to be a plan B, and substitutions almost seem a tad random at times.

Further to that, McCann admitted to being an “attack minded manager”. In a Hull Daily Mail article assessing our new manager in June 2019, David Hughes wrote, “…the new City boss may need to adapt his philosophy if he is to improve the Tigers already faltering defence which ranked 19th in the Championship last season. Doing so could be the difference between his side pushing up the table or loitering around in the lower reaches.”.

He clearly has not adapted his philosophy. We have a massive problem in defence. We need a “defence minded manager” right now.

And McCann very much has that aura of being out of his depth.

Is there a better manager out there?

Some people will ask why would any manager want to come to Hull City. I ask whether any manager has the ego to think they can keep us up. I expect there would be no shortage of managers thinking they have what it takes to rescue us.

There are good, experienced managers that are available and could be interested in a Championship managerial role; Chris Hughton, Gary Rowett, Garry Monk…even Tony Pulis if we had to. If you doubt the availability and willingness of managers to join Hull City AFC, Ian Holloway took the Grimsby Town job.

Will Ehab sack McCann? He has sacked managers fairly unceremoniously before; Slutsky, Barmby and Phelan. Though the former two were fairly public in condemning the Allam’s transfer policies, “the supermarket is closed” – I haven’t heard any criticism from McCann of the Allams, though I suggested earlier that I don’t bother listening to his uninspiring witterings, so maybe I’ve missed something.

Going down

As things stand, we are doomed to relegation. Unless something changes, I think we are going down.

Not all of this is McCann’s fault – we all know that the overall blame for our demise lies solely at the feet of the Allams, even though they have made attempts off the pitch to improve the relationship between owners and fans over the last year or so.

Changing manager may not lead to us staying in the Championship, given the soft and lightweight nature of the squad and our lack of leaders.

However, it seems to me that if we don’t change manager, if we don’t try to get someone that can just instil more passion and commitment, someone that can patch up our defence, someone that can eek out a few dull, boring 1-0 victories at mid-table sides, we will be relegated.

Begrudgingly, I am calling for Grant McCann to be sacked. Let’s roll the dice.

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