So we’ve finally done some transfer business.  And sold our Wembley hero.

I’m fine with it.  I really am.

Diame often went missing, was often injured, his first touch lacking.  He was a touch of class, especially in the Championship, but would be unlikely to be a first choice midfielder throughout the Premiserable League season – and I wouldn’t particularly want him up front either.

If we are to compete in the Premiserable League then we need someone more reliable than Diame.

£4.5m is not the largest amount ever and one questions the point of such a low value release clause – though maybe this was the only way to keep him for the Championship season.

Also, it has been rumoured that West Ham are after Robertson.  If they are willing to pay good sums, say £15m, I would certainly accept, nay, possibly snap their wee hands off.

We saw last time in the Premiserable League that Robertson often got caught out, his defensive frailties cost us goals and I am sure would do so again.

Were we to utilise him as a wing-back or left midfielder, then I’d be much more comfortable.

I would much prefer to have a solid defensive-minded left-back.

One sale that would go down badly would be that of fans-favourite, Maguire.  Especially for the ridiculous prices being quoted right now of just £5m.

However I’d suggest that it is quite likely that the Allams would want to sell a cult hero.

He is also inexperienced at this level and if we were to replace him with an experienced Premiserable League defender, again I would have more confidence.

There is one slight problem with what I have written above.  Each has a caveat of actually replacing the players and there is absolutely no sign that we will sign anyone – at least not for money.  Maybe we’ll get a free transfer or a loan or two.

Have I missed any potential sales?

Oh yes.  Fuck off Allam and sell the club.  Now.  Make a profit if you wish, I don’t care.  Just fuck off and sell.

Just Fuck Off And Sell,
Just Fuck Off And Sell,
You Are Destroying Our Club,
Just Fuck Off And Sell.

Well, we need some new chants more than we need new players, don’t we?

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