Taking Advantage Of Weakness

Last night was another fine example of kicking an opponent when they are down.

We have been quite generous to teams at the very bottom, however those above us that are, or were, in freefall, we have taken good advantage of.

Aston Villa were weak, meek and toothless.  Kind of like we were against Burnley.  They looked relegated, like they had given up hope.  Things just were not working for them and we took fine advantage.  Villa had more possession, yet we were clinical.  They never looked like scoring.

Everton were another team that we took advantage of when they were on a bad run of form – you could even say that about Man City with recent patchy form.  Sunderland too.

N’Doye looks a fine signing.  Every transfer window, Steve Bruce pulls a rabbit out of the hat – last time it was Diame, the time before Jelavic.  Players you don’t necessarily expect or know about that are clearly in the Steve Bruce mould.  N’Doye was industrious and creative – he really looks the part.  Then again, I said that about Hernandez (though I still believe that).  And I did say that about Altidore too (he looked great alongside Ghilas against Bolton).  Shhhh.

If Villa do go down, and they are one of several teams worse than us then Brad Guzan would be a fine understudy to McGregor.  Signing a back-up keeper will be crucial in summer, no matter which league we are in.

I would quite like Aston Villa to go down.  They are in that same kind of mould as Newcastle – never very happy with mid-table as they always seem to be a little above themselves.  It would quite a joyful relegation for the neutral.

I am quite impressed and a tad envious about how the guy above seems to be pissed off and delighted in one facial expression.

I remain in full support of Steve Bruce, and rarely, in praise of the owner for not pressing the panic button.  What would Adam Pearson have done?

I fully believe that there are at least 3 teams worse than us, probably 4 or 5 and we will stay up.

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