The Indifference Of Stoke

Before the game I really couldn’t judge what the result would be – I thought a clear victory to Stoke was a clear possibility.  Likewise a scrappy victory for us.  But the draw predominated in my mind as the most likely possibility.

And clearly it is what Steve Bruce chose to go for.

There is plenty of criticism out there on the forums and Twitter (though that isn’t exactly something new) about Steve Bruce’s team selection.

But I don’t think he should be receiving said criticism.  It nearly worked.  Were it not for a true poachers goal from an excellent striker that should still be in the England squad in my opinion, and easily should have gone to the World Cup then we would have got the point that we aimed for, and that almost every fan would have settled for.

Ramirez and Aluko started up front against Man City and Sunderland.  They were not exactly disastrous results.

Personally, I would have preferred to have seen Hernandez up front instead of Aluko.  I think he has a lot of talent and is so dangerous.

Likewise I would have preferred to have seen Robertson instead of Figuero.  Robertson has far too much defensive frailty for my liking to be playing against the likes of Chelsea and Tottenham.  But he is perfect to rip apart and push back the “lesser” teams such as Stoke.

Bruce’s team selection did suggest a tone of indifference.

And I am really, really indifferent about the result.

Whether that was the reminder about the Allam’s ridiculous renaming plan and the semi-depression that sent me into or just the fairly awful game I can not yet conclude upon.

This wasn’t a must-win game and we are still 4 points clear of relegation.

There is no need for any doom and gloom unless we lose both of the next two games.

It goes without saying that Sunderland at home is a must-win game but I really cannot see any result other than a victory for Hull City AFC.

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