Thinking Of The Fixtures

It’s now 9 days since the end of Euro 2016 and my thoughts are turning to the upcoming Premiserable League season.

In theory it’s a bloody hard start with the champions, Mourinho, our bogey-team, bloody Arsenal again, the less shit Scouse team and the other London scumbags as 6 of the 7 first games.  It is unlikely that this fact has passed you by.

I do like the fact that the last game is against perennial last-day flunkers, Tottenham – plus there are a fair few potential bottom-half rivals to play towards the end of the season.

Not living in Hull, I do have to pick and choose my games – not to mention that there are many leisure activities I much prefer than going to the football, but I like to keep life varied so I will be aiming to go to a couple.

With all the hoo-hah over the season cards, I’ve not actually worked out how much tickets are to a singular home game – I don’t particularly want to give money to the bastard in charge but the Boxing Day game against Man City appeals – I’ll be in Hull and if it is a reasonable price I’ll go.  Fuck paying £50 though.

Other games that particularly appeal are Everton away on 18th March – Goodison Park is a proper football stadium, it may be one of our last chances to go and a weekend in Liverpool has to be good fun.

Tottenham away on 14th December is another that I’ve pencilled in – it is the last season at White Hart Lane so the last chance to visit.  Again another proper ground and living close to London (possibly in London soon) this is a rarely convenient night game.

Or West Ham away on 17th December – the lure of the Olympic stadium and the wonderful surroundings since the Olympic redevelopment have to place this near the top of my to-do list.  Though fuck paying £15 to go down a slide – yes, looking at you ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower.

One slight problem is current job uncertainty and the possibility of unemployment, combined with a desire to change careers which will mean a significant pay cut.  So I might not actually make it to any games this coming season.

Thank fuck for dodgy links.

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