Time To Offer An Olive Branch?

When I heard about the excellent name change decision, I started to think about what happens next.  It is one thing the FA saying no, it is another stopping the Allams from changing the name.

Knowing the Allams like we do, my presumption was that they would do anything but take notice, and be arseholes about it.  My suspicion remains that Rosenior and McShane were released because they were fans favourites.

But then I thought, as we were the winners of the long protracted battle, perhaps it was down to the fans to make a peace offering to Allam.

The idea that came into my head was to parade a banner in front on the east stand, along the lines of “Can We Be Friends Now, Mr Allam?”.

I admit that I was in Ibiza at the time that I was thinking about this so perhaps my judgement may have been enhanced, and now Allam seems to have spat his dummy out having decided that he quite likes his Saturday afternoons to himself, so the plan wouldn’t work anyway, even if it wasn’t daft.

He does have a large supply of dummies, doesn’t he?  By the way, did you know that in Japan, more adult nappies are sold than child nappies?

I want that rebranding reversed.  I want our proud club name to be used.  We have only won half of the battle.

But maybe we need to start amicably with the Allams in offering an olive branch.  Perhaps it is time for HCST or a collection of supporter’s groups to propose a truce to the Allams.

Make it clear we thank and appreciate them for the business side, the funding of players, etc and that we wish to move on – we want the rebranding reversed, we want to feel able to sing “The Tigers” and we want him back supporting the team on Saturday afternoons.

History shows that he won’t accept, or would go back on his word, but given that we have won the argument, maybe it is down to us to make an amicable and positive proposal.

And if it doesn’t work – time for plan B.

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