We need a miracle

2 points ahead of Burnley with 5 of the top 7 still to play, along with a home game against Burnley who we all know is the game that we are least likely to win.

We need a miracle.

However I do not have an impending sense of doom like I did when Dolan relegated us, or when we were 9 points adrift at the bottom of Division 4, or whatever it was called back then.

For two reasons.

Firstly due to the rationale of #typicalcity.  It isn’t against all plausibility that after throwing away various chances to beat lower teams, that we would do the double over the form teams of Arsenal and Manchester Red Devils.  Unlikely but it isn’t exactly something one cannot envisage.

Secondly I do not care whether we are in the Premier League or the Championship.  Arguably the Championship is the better division – more games, more wins, unpredictable results, a more balanced league.  Less diving, less mercenaries and no cheating Arsenal.  The Premier League does have football more appealing to the eye, but then again there are plenty of away games to Stoke that are dull.

I do not think the Premier League is particularly enjoyable unless you have no fear, like in our first ever Premier League year or your team is punching above their weight like Swansea, or your team is chasing Europe.  Will Tottenham fans be happy with 6th?  Will Newcastle fans be happy if they finish 10th?  West Ham fans?  Liverpool in 5th?  Man City in 4th?

Personally I consider relegation as a promotion.

However I am just one individual and my opinion is of almost infinitesimally minute relevance to the whole picture.  I am just an exceptionally minor part of Allam’s least important stakeholder group.

I do not believe that Steve Bruce deserves relegation.  He has made mistakes this season – plenty of them, particularly in relation to on-field matters.  I do have a lot of respect for what he has achieved and I like the bloke.  He deserves to come close to relegation but he doesn’t deserve relegation itself.

Also some of the players.  Not the mercenaries but those who are or have given their all – Brady, Meyler, Rosenior, Jelavic, Dawson, Elmo – I have clearly missed some but for the beating heart of the team, much of which got us promoted, I do not want to see them relegated.  I do not want to see them torn from a relegated Hull City by allusions of grandeur.  Rosenior is despised by Reading fans for stating that he felt he should be playing in the Premier League, when they were relegated.

But there is a darker side to the club and I suspect you know where I am going with this.

Relegation would be the ultimate price to pay for Mr Allam.  Hitting him in the pocket is what he understands.  He is a successful businessman after all.

Sweet revenge for turning our dual seasons in the Premier League into one of distraction, division and detestation.  It should have been one of the more detectable periods for Hull City fans (forgetting the previously discussed PLCrap) and instead many of us have just felt despair at the disdain directed to us my our dastardly, disrespectful owner.  Enough D’s?

And a quick mention too for the fans of Stevie G and Rooney W, masquerading as Hull whatever it happens to be fans.  Actually I am not going to say anything.

I did consider placing a bet on us being relegated before the season started at 4/1.  It looks quite wise now.

As I said, we are not down, but I make us favourites.

One idea does make me chuckle and that is the possibility of Newcastle going down.  Only 9 points clear of Burnley, on bad form, nothing to play for – you never know.  You can get 150-1 on it.

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