We Need To Get That Losing Habit Back, Quickly

Well, winning last night really didn’t help our play-off hopes.

I found myself in the bizarre position of trying not to cheer a great goal from Robertson, whilst willing on Sheffield Wednesday to find a winner.

We now need to lose all 4 games and hope Sheffield Wednesday win two of their last three games, overturning a 10 goal goal difference along the way.

Why the hell am I saying this?

Because finishing 4th or 5th means almost definitely that we are playing Derby in the play-off semi-finals.  In case you need reminding, Derby have beaten us with an aggregate of 6-0 this season.

If you take the aggregate two-game scores against Brighton, Middlesbrough, Sheffield Wednesday and even Burnley, then we are better than all of them, albeit we’d have required the away goals rules against Sheffield Wednesday.

The only way that I can see us winning the play-offs is avoiding Derby.  Which does also mean hoping that Derby lose in the other semi-final.  I really want to avoid Derby at all costs.

There is a less likely alternative – that we win all our last four games and Brighton pick up no more than 4 points, allowing us to finish in third.  They do have to play Derby and Middlesbrough as their last two games.

Of course, win all our last 4 games to make it 6 out of 6, then maybe, just maybe the confidence will be flowing and we’ll smash Derby if we have to play them in the semi’s.

No, I don’t really believe that can happen.  We simply need to do what we can to avoid Derby.

Though maybe it would be better to lose in the semi’s against Derby than suffer the indignity of a Tom Ince winner at Wembley.

And is it wrong of me not to want promotion because it would reward the Allams?

Although maybe it would bring the Allam end-date closer.

These are not 2008 thoughts.

I’m so confused.

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