Well I Had A Nice Day On Saturday

Well I had a nice day on Saturday.  I was originally a bit annoyed that I had agreed to go to Ascot races when such a crucial game was on but hindsight looks down on me with a smile.  Even better, I ran out of phone battery so couldn’t continually check the score.

To console my fellow Hull City fans that actually went or watched, I lost every single race.  I shared your sense of defeat.  And the bet I had on us winning 5-0.  And the one on us losing 3-1.  I was pretty off my nut when I placed the football bets.

I kind of expected Ascot to be full of tossers in suits.  I kind of expected us to lose against Burnley.  I also kind of expected a Conservative majority – that was my one winning bet last weekend.

Relegation is not a disaster.  But we are not yet down and out.  Expecting to beat both Tottenham and Man Utd is comparable to expecting the Conservatives to win a few seats in Scotland, and not see one Ascot twat make a nob of themselves.  But expecting to beat one or the other, especially Tottenham, is comparable to expecting Ruth Davidson to hang onto her seat in Scotland and to see some hotties accidentally showing their nipples at Ascot.

I really cannot rule out pulling survival out of the jaws of relegation.  We all know what #typicalcity are like.

I don’t know what I would do if I were Steve Bruce.  He loyally stuck to the team that deservedly got 6 points against Crystal Palace and Liverpool, for the Arsenal and Burnley games, and seems to be have been somewhat excoriated for it.  Can he really justify keeping both Livermore and Huddlestone in the team?

I’d be tempted to go 4-3-3.  Now is the time to take a risk.  Put Hernandez, N-Doye and Jelavic up front.  Try to shock them into submission with a quick 3-0 scoreline after 15 minutes.  Yeah, I’ve been taking those drugs again.

I think it is worth considering.  Let’s start with the kitchen sink.  It is a risk but if we lose, Bruce is going to get pilloried for whatever team and tactics he chooses anyway.

I really don’t mind what happens but two victories and a third season in the Premiserable League would be nice.

Oh and why do southerners think cod is an acceptable fish?

Ps We toasted David Cameron after the races.  I bet nobody followed suit at the Allam Marine Generator Stadium on Saturday?

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