What A Difference 8 Years Makes

Holy crap we might make the play-offs.
We’re going up as fucking champions.

We are actually going to make the play-offs.
We might only make the play-offs.

Gosh we might actually get automatic promotion.
Gosh we might actually finish 7th.

Wow.  Amazing.  Play-offs.  I cannot believe it.
Meh.  Play-offs.  Should have done better.

I think we might beat Watford.
I think we might beat Derby.

Amazing – 2-0 to Hull away from home!
Amazing – 3-0 to Hull away from home!

Wow, absolutely fantastic, 4-1 victory at home and going to see Hull City AFC at Wembley for the first time ever!  I cannot believe it.  So, so amazing.
Wow, absolutely awful, 2-0 defeat at home, nearly threw it away.  I guess I should go to Wembley.

How the hell am I going to get a ticket not being a season ticket holder?
Are they giving tickets away for free yet?

I was already trashed by midday so have no idea what I did before the game
Proper fish and chips in London.

I’m crapping myself.
Cool, just used an original Crapper toilet.

Beer.  Beer.  Beer.  Beer.  Beer.  Beer.  Beer.  Beer.  Beer.  Beer.  Beer.  Beer.
Beer.  Beer.  Beer.  Beer.  Beer.

What an atmosphere.  This is incredible.  Shivers down the spine, hairs standing up.  Am I really here?
Here again.  Feels normal.  Where are the rest of our fans?

I believe.
I don’t believe.

Tense affair.  Neither team edging it so far.
Tense affair.  Sheffield Wednesday edging it so far.

Both teams about equal.
We are clearly now the better side.

Oh my word.  Windass!  One of the greatest moment of my life ever.  I cannot believe it.  What a goal.  Wow.
Oh Diame.  Close.

Hurry up half-time.
Hurry up world’s most slovenly servers.

Quick beer.
Very quick cider.


I’m not really nervous.  We are going to hang on.
I’m not really nervous.  Whatever will be, will be.

Never heard such an fantastic, absorbing atmosphere from our fans.
Never seen such an fantastic, absorbing atmosphere from their fans.

Oh City, stop putting me through the ringer.
Oh Diame, amazing goal.  Wow.  I’m super happy.

Hold on City.
Hold on City.

Oh my fucking word we are going to be in the Premier League for the first time ever.
Oh cool we’ve won and are going back to the Premier League.

Who were we playing, again?
I do feel for the Sheffield Wednesday fans – provided such a fantastic atmosphere.

Bristol City were probably the better team.
We were easily the best team.

Not sure we belong in the Premier League.
Back where we belong.

Phil Brown is a legend.
Phil Brown is still a legend.  And so is Steve Bruce.

Windass.  Love him.
Windass.  Still love him.

So glad we had Myhill in goal – what a performance.
Would have preferred Myhill in goal.

Turner is such a great defender.
Thankful Turner didn’t play for them.

We need to sign Frazier Campbell.
Don’t mention Frazier Campbell.

We’ll finish 12th.  I’m confident.
We might finish in 17th.  I’m not wholly confident.

Bye family, thank you for one of the best days of my life.
Dear family, thank you for one of the best days of this month.

Travelled back to central London in a daze.
Went for dinner with the folks.

Somehow got on a train to Reading – full of Bristol City fans.
Somehow stayed awake on a train to Bracknell.

Cannot wait for my first Premier League game.
Guess I should add another ground tick or two.
Fish Out Dolan Out.
Fish Out Dolan Out Allam Out.

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