What I Want From Steve Bruce

I’ll tell you want I want, what I really, really want.

Oh no, I’ve just had images of Steve Bruce dressed as a Spice Girl in my head.  If only I had access to Photoshop right now…

Those of you bored enough to read my ramblings more than once will know that I am fully in support of Steve Bruce as our manager and roll my eyes at those who used to be Arsenal fans in a previous life calling for the head of a manager who has guided his team into 3rd.

That isn’t to say that I do not have my frustrations with him.  Steve Bruce could be improved.  He is old school – yet still malleable.  Witness his disregard of the cup competitions last season, compared to our reasonably strong teams in the Milk Cup this year, not to mention our progress to the quarter-finals…we even beat Leicester.  He can change.

One of my main frustrations is the defensive set-up.  I accept Steve Bruce was a central defender.  I do not expect us to be like Spain, or even Phil Brown’s Hull City.  But playing no strikers against Leeds was an abominable decision.  Likewise we have looked very light-weight upfront against other teams that we have lost against, such as Rotherham and Preston.  Diame is not a striker.  Clucas is not a striker.  Aluko is definitely not a striker.

I’m not convinced that he has made the most of the loan market in recent seasons.  Akpom is no Campbell.  Well, maybe in the petulance stakes.  I’m not entirely sure why we still have Hayden on loan.

I want to see youth players given an opportunity.  I’m not suggesting that we do a Man Utd and fill half the team with kids, but when we are beating Burnley 2-0, surely that is the time to give someone like Luer a run out?

I’d also like to see a return to 3-5-2 when appropriate, certainly on occasions like against Preston where they had 3 in midfield.  I understand that we have two centre-backs out injured, and Robertson/Moses are too lightweight for my liking to be playing central defence, so at the moment it isn’t possible.

Brucey could also do to shed a bit of weight.  I do care about the bloke, he is like a distant uncle and last season he looked unhealthy.

My support for Bruce is unflinching, but criticism is at times, fair and necessary.  I am sure others watching more regularly could add to the list…I’d sure be interesting to read constructive criticism.

Only if we reach a point in the season where it is impossible to quality for the play-offs, should we countenance a replacement.

Remember, only 10% of relegated teams go straight back up.  And we have a decent chance of doing so.

3 responses to “What I Want From Steve Bruce

  1. Awful analysis…no substance at all. He can change…but not be proactive or get to the root of the problem. There is no plan when the team goes on the field, simply "Mike, our players are better than them so we'll win". We have good players…they're just badly misused. By his own admission, SB doesn't know what's wrong. Look, I love Bruce…he's been our finest manager…but the idea that we have time to let it play out is laughable. We need direction now, not at the end of the year when a lot of players will be cherry picked/leave for free. We're third on ability alone; imagine where we'll be with someone who can get them playing as a team!

  2. No change needed re bruce he is as he is. A good man a good manager. The Allums are once again key. £100 million awaits next year. Put the money in now in the right areas attack and midfield and bruce will get us up automatically. This is business sense not seeing the premiership as the holy grail because it isn't. It's just something good for the City of Hull, maybe one of the best things.

    So come on mr Allums invest. Then sell. Simples.

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