Where Have The Protests Gone?

So am I right in thinking that we are all ok, more or less, with the continued Allam reign?

Gone are the organised protests.  Gone is the anger.  Do HCST still exist?

Yeah I still hear the chants at the games.  But it seems as though everyone has meekly accepted the status quo.  The last time the pressure was upped, at the Leicester game was the closest the club was to being sold.

Though I have my suspicions that the only reason it was agreed was because the Allams probably knew that they would fail a fit and proper persons test (not that they would ever sell to anyone without the club’s best interests at heart, oh no).

Now we get these occasional drip-feed snippets of alleged potential buyers but the pressure is off the Allams, bar the odd match-day chant.  They don’t need to sell and have shown so by putting the asking price up from £100m in June to £130m now.

This despite our already high chance of relegation, and therefore our continued drop in real value – not Allam imagination land value.  Ooh just think, maybe they could afford to buy Flamingo Land with the sale money.  And rename it, of course.

I don’t believe that the Allams want to sell.  I never have.  They are bitter and twisted, plus I suspect Ehab likes the glamour of “running” a football club.  We want them to sell and they will continue to hold out.  By the way is the rumour that Ehab is dating a porn star true?  Maybe she could run the club.

The more hopeful assessment of the “acceptance of the Allams” (that does sound like a horror movie title, doesn’t it?) is that my fellow fans are just beyond despair.  Until the Allams next stick the knife in with another offensive scene of fan punishment.

It is my view that the pressure has to be increased in an organised (and legal) way.  If the club is not sold by the January transfer window, we will have no chance of buying any players to keep us in the Premiserable League.  And don’t forget the time that it will take for the Premier League to assess and approve.

The pressure must be increased now.  Don’t ask me what the answer is though!  I have a following of about 3.5 people so I’m waiting (and hopefully nudging) others along.

Though the timing for a continued run of anti-Allam pressure is not great.  Next weekend is the international break – the weekend after away against Sunderland.


And it might not be long before “Phelan Out” becomes a phenomenon.  I have some sympathy for him in terms of what he was allowed to spend in the transfer market, but not signing any form of back-up right-back was a shocking decision, and it seems like he is not so tactically aware during games either.

I’m not yet in the basket of Phelan Out, but he doesn’t have a bank of goodwill like Steve Bruce had.  Defeat to Sunderland in 3 weeks time and relegation looms.  Already.

Fish Out.  Dolan Out.  Allam Out – NOW.

2 responses to “Where Have The Protests Gone?

  1. Please, please just get the Allams to go. I want to get back to supporting my team but I will not go to the KCom whilst the Allams are still in control and I’m sure that there are several thousand more who think as I do!

  2. I have to agree, the protests have all but disappeared. I can hear the Allams saying come 1st February with the transfer window slammed shut, carrot dangling transfer targets strangely end up going elsewhere as we pick over left overs at 11.55pm, “Well, we tried to sell the club but no one matched our ambition of selling to the “right” people”. This of course will be a Yorkshire Post exclusive as they wont talk to the local media. And then where will we be? Securely up that famous creek minus paddles and any form of floatation device as we quickly head toward the trapdoor of relegation. Only then will these idiots be halfway satisfied.

    As for Mr. Phelan, whilst I think he has been dealt a very poor hand by the Allams, the cracks are already beginning to show. Tactically naïve, no plan B, poor team selection (though he has limited options here) and coaching staff leaving in their droves. The “Phelan out” chants cant be far away. May be this is what the Allams want …….

    Allams out.

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