Winter Break?

I’m trying to work out if we should have a winter break.

Firstly, I would just like to point out that Ehab will still be a wanker in winter.  He will still be a most loathsome character whether we have a winter break or not.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking but it just wouldn’t be a Fish Out Dolan Out post without some form of castigation against our abominable owners.

The reason why the FA/Premier League are considering a winter break is all down to assisting the England team in major tournaments.  Though when seemingly half of the international players in the world play in the Premier League, I cannot see why this would make a difference to us only – surely if it is going to benefit the England team, it will also benefit all other teams with players in the Premiserable League.

I am willing to accept the wisdom of others when they state that it will have a positive benefit on the fitness of players later in the season.

The idea I am not against it, per se.  As long as our traditional Christmas & New Year fixtures are protected.  Two weeks in January without football, from a fans perspective, is fine.  One assumes that it would mean one or two more midweek games, which I am all for – I do love an evening game.

Though apparently it also cannot be changed until 2019, due to the television deal.  That is quite a sad yet totally expected indictment of our previously beautiful game.

The other interesting aspect, which is something Steve Bruce, our hero, our legend, our lion, our immortal, our superstar ex-manager, our most-worthy, our icon, our deity, our superstar, our…oh erm, yeah, I’ll get over it soon, erm, yes, Steve Bruce, called for replays to be scrapped in the FA Cup.

In a way it would be a shame.  Remembering our time as a smaller club, the dream of the FA Cup was to get to the 3rd round, draw a big club like Leeds United, ideally hold them to a draw at home then go to their super-galactic futuristic wonder-ground and take loads of money for Dolan to back-pocket.

Though on the flip side, perhaps it will give the little teams more chance of progressing if a game goes to penalties.

But we are already a long way away from the days when there could be infinite replays.  Football is an unforgettable expensive pursuit – one or two potential less games a season may assist the fans.  And it has already been approved that quarter-finals onwards will not go to a replay from now on, which may well be a sensible compromise.

Stepping away from Hull City AFC for a second, and did you know that international friendlies are going to be pretty much scrapped in favour of the UEFA Nations League?  Something that has gone under the radar but something that appeals to me – especially as I will be boycotting the next two fraudulently-awarded world cups.

Basically 4 leagues of European countries, with promotion and relegation too.  This could be revolutionary.

A winter break, I doubt will be of revolutionary nature.  Especially if the clubs use it to promote themselves abroad.  Winter holiday in Kenya, anyone?

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  1. From a totally selfish point of view, yes as I like my racing over the Christmas period, Boxing Day at Wetherby or sat at home watching the King George at Kempton on the tele. That is if the winter break is at Christmas and not the new year.

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